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Vacay Stat: Why You NEED to Take Time Off

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Attention small business owners and entrepreneurs - did you say “good-bye” to personal vacation time when you decided to strike out on your own?

It’s time to put vacations back “on the menu”!

Running your own business is hard work - it can be challenging to even carve out daily breaks. You also have to actively disallow your work sphere from intruding into your home sphere. How exactly are you supposed to let go long enough for a vacation? Also, why is taking time off so important to your business?

First things first - Taking time off helps your business because it helps you. It's important to remember that you are your company's most valuable asset. Software can malfunction, machines can break down, and employees can quit - but your business absolutely cannot function without you. This doesn't mean that you have to be there every day, from open to close; but you are the driving force for your business, so keeping YOU “properly maintained” is imperative.

Having time away from your business can help you relax and relieve some stress. A recent survey showed that over 60% of small business owners admitted that the stress of owning a business was more than they imagined. But only 57% of polled business owners ever take a vacation. If you are part of the 43% that don’t take vacation, it’s time to clock out and hit the road for at least 3 or 4 days!

Why do business owners/entrepreneurs need vacations?

Taking time off from your business to relax and recharge is both mentally and physically beneficial. Taking away stress in your life, even briefly, can help reduce risk of heart disease and can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Stepping away from your business can help you better/enhance your focus. When you take even a few vacation days to relax and shift your focus to other things, you may find those “mind blocks” at work start clearing themselves! And you can come back to the drawing board mentally refreshed.

Vacation time can also be a new period of creativity for you. The mental break you give yourself during your time away may help you come up with new ideas for your business and/or find other solutions to problems. Many small business owners have reported an overall increase in creativity when they step away for even 4 days.

How do you go about taking your vacation?

The longer you have been in business, the easier it actually is to schedule vacation days for yourself. However, it's still possible for newer business owners and entrepreneurs to have that time off without sacrificing business productivity.

Schedule your time off and work ahead as much as you can. Ensure that the business is properly covered - you might also schedule a few contingency workers (for just in case). Give yourself as much time (ahead) as you can to prepare for your vacation. And then, take off!

Don't forget that your business needs you functioning at your optimal level, and you cannot do that if you don't allow yourself to rest and refresh. Think of your vacation time as a strategic improvement for your business!

Candace Medina

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