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Set The Stage for Selfcare!

Selfcare is often stuffed into the moments in our schedule we find mostly by accident. An appointment that was canceled or a restless morning rushed before the phone starts to ring. It can be done to check a box of the should do’s or out of guilt. Stop the madness!! Think of it instead as little pockets of peace you give yourself! It can be our own sacred practice of reflection, rekindling, and rejuvenation IF we take the time to set the stage!

What we put IN matters! We often invest in everything else but our own Selfcare. We put in less and it is the first place we withdraw from when no other space is available. The truth - You can't give what you don' t have from an empty well! We must put it FIRST in our schedule and commit to honoring that time daily! Sounds simple right?!? It IS and not always easy! Trust me you will be tempted to use this time for other things as they arise. First, honor your own sacred time - Reflect, Reignite, Rekindle, and Rejuvenate! (Add your own R word here)

So, what do I mean by Set the Stage?!? Let’s break it down.

  • Find Your spot! Your workout spot, your favorite chair, your sacred place that you can focus and begin your practice. Like the picture you wouldn’t set it in the middle of the road or in a place you have constant interruptions. Create your own sacred space you can’t wait to return to again and again.

  • Make it Yours! Light a candle, add soft lighting, put on soft music (without words) have a vase of your favorite flowers on a table next to you. In the fall, light a fire or have your cozy blanket handy. To do this many of us will need to clear the clutter to make room. Pockets of peace take a bit of pre-planning the night before so its ready to go at 5 AM! Steaming coffee – Check!

  • Breathe! Did you know we hold our breath more when we’re stressed? Deep, intentional, and focused breathing can help us get ready for what’s next. It adds oxygen to your body, calms the nervous system down, and allows us to take in the practice and embed our habit.

  • Allow for the flow! Roll out the yoga mat (yes, I know 5 AM is early – Trust me I know!) and start moving. Grab that new stunning leather journal you always wanted and begin! Take the book off the nightstand or press play on Audible and put quality personal or professional development IN your mind.

It’s simple and not always easy!

  • Schedule sacred time first

  • Honor and protect this time fiercely

  • Set the stage – Find your Spot, Make it Yours, Breathe, and Allow the Flow

  • Begin the practice – Movement, Reflection, and Development

  • Restart if you get off track and repeat

Make time daily to move, reflect, and put IN quality personal or professional development! It matters! Set the stage to gain the maximum effect so your routine becomes a habit and daily practice. Honor your sacred time so that you can give from your overflow instead of your lack! Reflect, Reignite, and Rejuvenate regularly to create healthy Selfcare habits. Leadership begins IN you!

Before you go, share how you will begin to Set The Stage in the comments.

Join the conversation!

Candace Medina

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