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Fire Department Coffee: Good for Humanity

Who doesn't love a good cup of coffee? The rich aroma of the coffee as it is brewing warms your senses and taste buds before that first sip passes your lips. Many of us begin our days with a cup of coffee. We may also rely on java to keep us going as the hour's march on! Finding really good coffee is like finding a treasure, and I discovered a prize tucked away in a small Illinois city not far from Chicago: Fire Department Coffee.

Fire Department Coffee ( is a different kind of coffee business in many ways:

1️⃣ They only roast coffee beans in small batches - this process makes for a better, richer flavor in the coffee. Also, the quality control is finer when the roasted batches are smaller. Essentially, it’s quality over quantity. The small-batch roasting process allows each coffee bean to roast individually and distinctly.

2️⃣ FDC coffee beans are freshly roasted every day. More to the point, their coffee is roasted to order and shipped shortly after. In other words, your coffee isn’t roasted until YOU place your order! Again - it’s about quality over quantity. When you receive your coffee, it’s guaranteed fresh.

3️⃣ They are a veteran-owned company that is certified by the National Veteran-Owned Association. The company was founded in 2016 by firefighter/EMT and Navy veteran Luke Schneider and firefighter/EMT Jason Patton. Most/all of FDC’s employees are active and former firefighters. In fact, the founders are still active firefighters and paramedics!

4️⃣ They started their own charitable foundation that specifically helps first responders who have been injured on the job - both physically and mentally. The foundation assists in covering medical expenses. The FDC Foundation partners with other organizations to help raise donations, as well as give to first responders/local fire departments who are in need.

The mission of Fire Department Coffee is not complicated: to make amazing coffee and help other first responders in need. The first part - making and selling coffee - helps with the second part. When it comes to coffee, founder Luke Schneider believes that coffee should taste great and be available to people anywhere and everywhere. The reason FDC roasts coffee beans in small batches is to provide higher-quality coffee beans for higher-quality cups of coffee.

Fire Department Coffee isn’t just superb because it’s fresh-roasted in small batches, but also because of the spirits. Not ghosts - alcohol. FDC offers a variety of spirit-infused coffee flavors, including:

Peach Bourbon

Black Cherry Bourbon

Vanilla Bourbon

Irish Whiskey



You can see all of their spirit-infused coffee options at

👉🏼 My new personal obsession is the company’s monthly bourbon-flavored coffee of the month.

FDC coffee beans are chosen from around the world so java lovers like you have the best variety to choose from. And if you want something more international, check out their “Single Origin Coffee” options from countries like Jamaica, Nicaragua, Colombia, and Indonesia! See all of their coffee options at

If you consider yourself a connoisseur of coffee, then Fire Department Coffee is the perfect choice for you!

Candace Medina

510-648-7465 ☎️

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