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Find Your Style: Different Types of Business Coaches

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

No two things are exactly the same. No matter how closely you look, and no matter how identical they seem - there’s a difference somewhere. And with that comes an opportunity for options in almost everything. If you are a coffee lover like me, then you may already be aware of the almost endless variety of coffee choices - from various roast options to flavors to how coffee is brewed.

No two coffee beans are completely identical, and no two methods for creating that amazing cup of java that keeps us going are similar. In that aspect, no two business coaches are the same. Coffee and business coaching are surprisingly similar (but I can also make almost anything related to coffee); they both offer varying styles, strengths, and approaches for each person. We all have different tastes and coffee (or coaching) would not be as appealing and satisfying if it were only available in one flavor.

Before I compare business coaching styles, I want to answer an important question: why is a business coach necessary? Consider athletes and why they have coaches - to get better results, hone their skills, and excel in their field/sport. That is essentially the same reason for business coaching - to succeed. Just like an athlete is bettered through training from a coach, business professionals and entrepreneurs sometimes require the same kind of instruction and mentorship.

Is business coaching only helpful to entrepreneurs? While it may seem like business coaching is mostly for small business owners, many business coaches (like Tabatha!) are focused on assisting business professionals in excelling in the corporate arena.

Candace & Tabatha

To give you a clearer picture of the different styles of business coaches, I will compare my style to another excellent business coach Tabitha Jones:

Candace Medina

  • Business Leadership Coach

  • Available for one-on-one, group, and strategic workshop coaching

  • Specializing in creating custom solutions that build harmony between personal and professional worlds

  • Coaching style is a hybrid of holistic and visionary leadership

  • Utilizes DISC assessment method

  • Empowers entrepreneurs and business owners from concept to creation with purpose-driven action.

  • Corporate background in executive administration and HR for tax and accounting firms

Tabatha Jones

  • Executive Career Strategist

  • Specializing in helping business professionals advance their careers

  • Available for one-on-one, group, and interview prep coaching

  • Offers specifically-designed mastermind workshops for career advancement, corporate leadership, and resume building

  • Corporate background in executive management

Tabatha and I are business coaches committed to helping our clients find their proper place and succeed. Still, we each have different focuses and strengths in our coaching sessions. We are similar in our overall mission but vary in our specific execution and the clientele who would most benefit from our services.

Whether you are a business professional climbing the corporate ladder, an entrepreneur who needs direction for your new business, or a soon-to-be business owner who needs help bringing your idea to life, business coaching CAN help you realize your dreams!

Tabatha Jones

Candace Medina 510-648-7465 ☎️

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