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Creating a Solid Self-Care Routine

You’ve probably heard a lot about self-care lately - this concept came into more focus during the quarantine. Mostly, people became more aware of how much they weren’t taking care of themselves when outside circumstances forced most people to slow way down. And now, with more things to get us stressed out on a daily basis, keeping ourselves in good physical/mental/emotional condition is more critical than ever.

“Self-care” is more than just a popular social media buzzword - it’s a necessity for any person who doesn’t want to crash and burn. AND is especially vital for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Regardless of what product or service your business offers, YOU are your company's most valuable asset, and taking care of yourself needs to be as high a priority as growing your business!

If you want to make self-care a true priority in your life, it's necessary to create daily routines to keep you in a mindful state of being good to yourself and maintaining harmony in all parts of your life.

My coaching clients and I routinely cover these “subjects” regarding their self-care routines:


On average, how many hours do you sleep a day? Do you give your mind and body opportunities to rest during the day?

One of the reasons that sleep is so important is that it allows the body to repair itself, and even download short-term memories!


How much water do you drink a day? Are you giving your body enough hydration to keep yourself in good condition?

The idea of drinking 64oz of water each day is a popular health notion, but each of us is different - some people may require more water to be adequately hydrated and some people may actually need less.


What kind of fuel do you give your body each day? Does your diet center around whole foods, mostly processed, or do you live on takeout?

Nutrition is actually an essential part of self-care because it really does matter what you put into your body. And even making even small positive changes to your daily diet can have a much bigger impact than you may realize. You gotta start somewhere!


Are you engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity that isn't related to your job at least 3-5 days a week? Exercise doesn't just help us shed pounds, but it also keeps our different organs and systems in good working condition.

You don't have to join a gym to have a fitness routine - yoga is a great option for stretching your muscles and mindfully moving your body. Also, taking daily brisk walks gets your blood moving and flushes out your lymphatic system!

Mental Activity

Don’t forget to work out your brain too! Are you reading or listening to anything for your business? What do you read/listen/watch for pleasure?

Choose wisely because what you put in will affect what comes out!

Your Self-Care Checklist (AM & PM):

◻️ Set a sleeping schedule and stick to it. Also, set aside at least one short break in the day to rest.

◻️ Increase your water intake to at least 64oz each day.

◻️ Analyze your daily diet - make at least one change (to start) that will help your body work better.

◻️ Set up a weekly activity schedule and give yourself at least 30 minutes of exercise for a minimum of 3 times a week. Daily short walks may also be included.

◻️ Be mindful of what your brain is “feeding” on - put your eyes/ears on something positive each day to help you remain focused and balanced.

Candace Medina

510-648-7465 ☎️

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