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Are YOU Holding You (& Your Business) Back? How Your Mindset May Be Limiting Your Business

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Professional success and limitations are two words and ideals that cannot coexist. if we want to be successful in our careers and/or businesses, then we must refuse to be limited - right? Of course! We are so accustomed to looking for limitations or hindrances on the outside of our business that we often forget to look inside. We focus so much on moving things forward and clearing hurdles, but do we ever consider the hurdles we are creating for ourselves?

Entrepreneurs and small business owners may assume that stress is part of the package - that growing a business must include struggle in order for there to be success. If you assume that you have to deal with stress, then you may not realize how much frustration YOU may be adding through your mindset and your vocabulary!

If you are seeing areas of your business or career that seem limited and lack growth, perhaps it's time to examine yourself - specifically examine your words! I remind my clients often that words are seeds and they bring us what we ask for, whether we intend it or not. Let’s examine some limiting ideas/words that may be holding you back:


The “either/or” particular thought pattern is almost dangerous because it forces you to choose between success and harmony - you do not consider the concept of having both. Many professionals and business owners believe they must work hard by forgoing rest and personal time in order to have success. They are constantly choosing between Option A, B, or C - never considering that it doesn’t have to be a choice.


“I would love to have time off, BUT…” - this is a negative word in grammar and it’s a negative concept in our thinking. “But” negates, diminishes, or marginalizes everything that comes before it. “But” not only lacks confidence, it lacks understanding and consideration. This concept can also grow resentment down the line since it keeps you from potentially pursuing your own harmony.


There’s a saying - “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself” - that speaks to the negative effects this word can have. Using this word can end up forcing what are often unnecessary obligations on ourselves that later leads to guilt if we don't complete the task. We often limit ourselves and our choices by our “shoulds.”

The Antidote(s)

The first step to un-limiting yourself and your business is to recognize how you have been holding yourself back. If the problem is any of these words, begin to adjust your vocabulary and your mindset:

Instead of “either/or,” allow yourself to say “and”: I can be successful AND have personal time. I can run my business well AND take care of myself.” Using “and” instead allows for options, which also actually allows you to have proper harmony in your life. Success is possible without feeling like you are selling your soul!

“But” has its place in your vocabulary - just not how you have been using it! Being successful does not mean that you have to forgo a personal life, time off, or even positive reflection. Don’t diminish yourself with “but” - consider how you use this word and stop the madness!

“Should” is one word that I advise people to remove from their spoken vocabulary. It’s probably as bad as “if only.” Don’t “should” - set goals instead and only focus on those. Don’t let yourself get lost (and depressed) by all the “woulda/coulda/shoulda” thoughts.

As I stated earlier, our words are seeds that also help shape our mindset. So remember: there is rarely a gray area with words - you are either speaking positively or negatively.

Choose wisely what you declare over yourself and your business!

Candace Medina

510-648-7465 ☎️

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