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60 Days of Gratitude!

The Invitation

You're invited to begin 60 Days of Gratitude with me and my clients. It’s simple and not always easy to SEE and then ACT on that information daily. It is creating a habit that will shift our Mindset and Heart set for the entire year and beyond!! Ways to engage in this process:

  • Begin a gratitude journal to focus on and answer this one question daily - What are you most grateful for today? Add as much detail as you can AND it can't repeat! This is for YOU!

  • Buy cards and begin sending one a day out to those you see need - Thanks, Sympathy, Encouragement, Thinking of You, or Just Because. If you know you will have a heavy week you can send them all out at the beginning in bulk. This is for OTHERS!!

  • LOOK and continue to look for ways you can add and spread Joy into the lives of others.

  • Go back and review your journal once a month, quarter, or yearly to see your progress.

A gratitude practice shifts us from the inside out and I encourage you to BEGIN and PERSIST together for 60 days and see how it shifts you, those you touch, and the community you serve!

Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

Whenever you begin a new practice, your brain can find ways to help you WIN or excuses to sabotage your efforts. Here are a couple of tips, tricks, and hacks to allow the practice to take shape and become a habit. Persistence is always the key!!

  • If you miss a day or two, accept it and move on. No public or private guilt sessions are necessary! Yes, a daily habit and discipline reinforce gratitude into our mindset, AND picking up and restarting is also a skill. Practice restarting and see how this can inspire you to persist.

  • You can absolutely send texts, emails, and posts on social media messages and notes of gratitude. If you’re struggling to find the time or seeing ways to be grateful start here.

  • Not a journaling type of person. It’s okay, find a Post It. No really, get a pack of Post Its and put one thing you are grateful for on it a day. I have clients doing this – It works!! Trick – don’t throw them away. Put them on a mirror for the week to see how your gratitude practice is progressing.

  • If you Post It journal – after a week, take them off the mirror, fold them in half, and put them in your Gratitude Jar! When you’re having a bad day, once a month or the end of the year pull them out and see how it shifts your Mindset and Heart set!

  • Challenge - go old school - Actually, order or buy the cards, write them out, and either drop them off or send them in the mail. The extra effort and energy are felt and appreciated!

The Truth

People receive about 12-15 pieces of real mail a year; the rest is usually junk. They are flooded with notifications from apps, email, and social media until the noise is almost deafening. Be the one who sends them a hard-written purpose-filled card with meaning. Want to stand out to clients?!?

Do this when you win one, lose one, for a special occasion, or just because. Each one is simply a connection and appreciation is overlooked by so many. Sadly, some of us don’t hear from those we personally do business with on a regular basis until they want to sell us something again.

Let me be the first to say – Thank you for staying connected and following my blogs! My deepest desire - to make you think about your thinking and find ways to inspire and grow your belief beyond what you even know you’re capable of at this moment. I hope you decide to take this 60 Days of Gratitude challenge with us! Gratitude is powerful and a choice every day!! It shifts what we see, who we are, and what we create by the words that we speak over ourselves and others! Choose wisely!

Before you go, share how you will begin 60 Days of Gratitude in the comments.

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Kitty Dreher Good
Kitty Dreher Good
15 de out. de 2021

I'm in, Candace! Looking forward to my gratitude journey! I am so grateful for all you do! xoxo=^^=

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